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Turnitin Student Help File

NOTE: Students must only use their UKZN e-mail addresses to create an account and each student must only have one Turnitin account.


This quick start guide will help you get started with Turnitin and walk you through the steps you need to register with Turnitin, create a user profile, or reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Complied by: Lungi Ngwanen (ICS)

Step 1:

Step 2:

The new user page will open; follow the directions on this page to help you create your user profile. To create a profile, you must have a class ID and an enrollment key (Supplied by the lecturer or Supervisor).

Then you will have to choose whether you will use Turnitin as an instructor or student. In this case please choose student.

Step 3:

  1. Complete the online form titled  Create a New Student Profile

2. Click in the box to confirm that you are not a robot.
3. Then click on I Agree – Create Profile.

Note: Please avoid using your favorite songs or books on the secret question because your favorite song might change over time.

There is no need to create a Turnitin account for every Module, you can just join classes. However, you must have CLASS ID and ENROLLMENT PASSWORD for every module. Your lecturer or supervisor should supply this information.

If you already have a Turnitin account, log into your Turnitin account and click on the Enroll in a Class tab to join a new class.

4. Enter your CLASS ID AND ENROLMENT KEY. Then click on Submit.

Submitting to a class

  1. Log into your Turnitin account, and click on the class you wish to submit to.

2. To submit click on the blue Submit button.

The Single File Upload screen will now appear.

3. Enter your Submission Title, then use the Choose from this computer from this computer button to navigate and select the document you wish to upload.

4. Click on Upload. Then click confirm.

You have successfully uploaded your document.

Forgotten your password

No need to stress or recreate a new account when you forget your password. You can reset it, as shown in the picture below.

1. Click on the link circled below in red.

2. Enter your Last Name (Surname) and your UKZN student email address. Click next.

3. Type in the answer to your secret question, and click Next.

4. Enter a new password and confirm this new password on this screen If you have forgotten the answer to your secret question click on Forgot your answer. A link to reset your password will be emailed to your UKZN student email address.

5. Log in and use your account as required when you have successfully reset your password.


  1. Do not leave Turnitin to the last minute in case you need to rewrite or rework your submissions
  2. You should submit a pdf version of your work, this usually mitigates the chances of any upload issues you could experience when uploading Word/Excel documents.
  3. The first and second times you submit, you will get a similarity report within five minutes, each time that you submit after that, you will have to wait a full twenty-four hours before you see a similarity percentage and get a report.
  4. The email address for Turnitin queries at UKZN is
  5. You are cautioned against trying to “beat the system” as Turnitin flags documents that have irregularities on them
  6. Students may also find helpful resources here.

For more guidelines on how to view and interpret your similarity index result, go to: 

~Complied by Lungi Ngwanen (ICS)

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